12th class English Notes Flamingo Chapter-5 Indigo Syllabus, Summary. Explanation, Difficult Words


12th class English Notes Flamingo Chapter-5  Indigo Syllabus, Summary. Explanation, Difficult Words

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Class 12 English Flamingo Chapter 5  Indigo Notes , Syllabus, Summary. Explanation, Difficult Words .

👉 Flamingo Chapter-5 👈
📚  Indigo 📚

"Indigo" portraits Gandhiji's struggle for the poor peasants of Champaran. He managed to get justice after a yearlong battle for the peasants. He also made arrangements for the education, health and hygiene for the families of the poor peasants. He gave them the lesson of self- reliance. 

🔹 Raj Kumar Shukla- A poor sharecropper from Champaran wishing to meet Gandhiji. 

🔹 Raj Kumar Shukla- an illiterate but resolute (determined) hence followed Gandhiji to Lucknow, Kanpur, Ahemdabad, Calcutta, Patna, Muzzafarpur & then Champaran. 

🔹  Servants at Rajendra Prasad's residence thought Gandhi to be an untouchable because of his simple living style, scanty clothes and company of Raj Kumar Shukla. 

🔹 Decided to go to Muzzafarpur first to get detailed information about Champaran sharecropper. 

🔹 Sent telegram to J B Kriplani and stayed in Prof. Malkani's home a government servant. 

🔹  Gandhiji went to the British Official Commissioner who asked him to leave Trihut, Gandhiji disobeyed, went to Motihari the capital of Champaran where multitude greeted him, continued his investigations. 

🔹 Indians afraid to show sympathy to the supporters of home rule. 

🔹 The news of Gandhi's arrival spread- sharecroppers gathered in large number to meet vast their champion. 

🔹 Gandhiji chided the Muzzafarpur lawyer for taking high fee. 

🔹 Champaran district was divided into estate owned by English people, Indians only tenant farmers. 

🔹 Landlords compelled tenants to plant 15% of their land with indigo and surrender their entire harvest as rent. 

🔹 In the meantime Germany had developed synthetic indigo-British landlords freed the Indian farmers from the 15% arrangement but asked them to pay compensation. 

🔹 Many signed, some resisted, engaged lawyers, landlords hired thugs.

🔹Gandhiji reached Champaran- visited the secretary of the British landlord association to get the facts but denied as he was an outsider. 

🔹 Visited maltreated villagers, stopped by the police superintendent but disobeyed the order. 

🔹 Motihari black with peasants' spontaneous demonstrations, Gandhi released without bail Civil Disobedience triumphed. 

🔹 Gandhiji agreed to 25% refund by the landowners, it symbolized the surrender of the prestige. 

🔹 Gandhiji worked hard towards social economic reforms, elevated their distress aided by his wife, Mahadev Desai, Narhari Parikh. 

🔹 Gandhiji taught a lesson of self-reliance by not seeking help of an English man Mr. Andrews.

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