Rich Dad Poor Dad full book In Hindi Free PDF Download


Rich Dad Poor Dad full book In Hindi Free PDF Download

Rich Dad Poor Dad full book In Hindi Free PDF Download

Hello friends, today we are going to know about money making and here I am going to tell about the popular book Rich Dad Poor Dad In Hindi.  If you want to know how money works?  And how can we earn maximum money, then you are absolutely right.

We all know how to make money?  And how can those money be spent? But very few of us know how money works?  And what do different types of people think about money?  A Rich Dad Poor Dad book is very popular for making money and we are going to know about it and together we will know about its Hindi PDF Download source from where we can download it for free.

 Rich Dad Poor Dad In Hindi Download:

 Its name is such that after seeing it does not seem that it is such a popular book of Make Money Technique.  But the author of this book has named it very thoughtfully and it is a complete theory on the book title itself.

 Rich dad poor dad has been written by two author Robert Kiyosaki, Sharon Lechter.  But the make money theory of this book has been given by Robert Kiyosaki and this book is famous by his name.  Let us understand some basic concept written in this book.

 The book was named Rich Dad Poor Dad because Robert Kiyosaki believes he has two dads,

One was Robert's father who was Poor i.e. poor and the other was a friend of his father who was Rich

Rich Dad Poor Dad full book In Hindi Free PDF Download

The focus point of this book is that,

 Not all of us learn financial knowledge college or school.  We learn such knowledge from people who do not have money.  Because those who do not have money are poor, they will give you financial advice as if they have experienced everything in their life.
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 Just like a person's financial status, the person gives the same advice to others.  For example, if we take the advice of someone whose annual income is Rs 2,00000, then the value of his advice will be the same and if we take financial advice from someone whose monthly income is 5,00000 then his advice  His financial status will be like that.
Kiyosaki says that I am very lucky that I got an opportunity to take Advice from both types of person and I have told about the thinking and Advice of Poor and Rich people in Rich Dad Poor Dad Book.

 Rich Person Aur Poor Person Ke Pass Kya Hota Hai?

 If you have to download Rich Dad Poor Dad PDF free, then you will get the most important lession, which person has what?

 According to Kiyosaki,

 Rich people have Assets, that is, they have sources that bring money to them.

 Poor person has Liabilities i.e. sources that take away money from them.

 If we look at these points with the real world,

 Poor or middle class individuals who are dependent on limited income source (Job) have more expenses and many jobbers do not know the difference between assets and liabilities.

 Example - If a person doing a job buys a car on the loan, then he feels that it is the Assets for him.  While he is not getting money from him after purchasing the car, his expense has increased further.  Such as EMI, Fuel, Parking Charge, Maintainance, Insurance etc.

 Rich Dad Poor Dad Writer Kiyosaki says that it is not that we should spend money only in Assets.  We should also fulfill our Liabilities.  But our effort should be to minimize our liabilities and increase our Assets as much as possible.

 Like, if we do a job, then we can do Blogging, make a YouTube video or Freelancer can work.  It is also like all Assets.

 Paisa Kaise Kaam Karta Hai?

 I found this the second most important point in the Rich Dad Poor Dad Hindi PDF book, Kiyosaki believes that

 Rich people do not work for money, their money works for them.  Whereas, on the contrary, Poor people work for money and for this they give more time to their jobs.
Rich people are getting richer because they know how money works?  And how can he convert his money into more money?  Such as sharing market investments, buying bonds, etc.
Whereas Poor and Middle class people save money and always work to earn money.

 Rich Dad Poor Dad Hindi Free PDF Download Kaise Kare?

 If you want to read this book and want to learn about all the financial and Make Money tricks given in it, then you have to buy this book from Amazon or Flipkart.  Because this book is not legally free available.

 But if you want to know about all the secret of this book without spending money, then you can listen to the Rich Dad Poor Dad Hindi Audiobook on YouTube, in which we have been told about every single point written on the book.
Friends, whatever you have told through this book by Robert Kiyosaki, if you see it related to the real world, then you will realize that every point of this book has been written by practical experience.  I have told here only a short summary about the Rich Dad Poor Dad book, when you read it, you will understand, if you have read this book, then share your thoughts in the comment.