Daily Current Affairs GK 03 DECEMBER 2019 for RRB NTPC, Group D, SSC CGL, SBI, IBPS, NVS, Police, UPSC


Daily Current Affairs GK 03 DECEMBER 2019 for RRB NTPC, Group D, SSC CGL, SBI, IBPS, NVS, Police, UPSC

Q - 1 Daily Current Affairs

When is International Slavery Abolition Day celebrated?  

a.  1 December 
b.  2 December 
c.  5 December 
d.  10 December 

Notes:- This day is celebrated to end human trafficking and spread awareness about the exploitation of humans.  International Slavery Abolition Day was celebrated for the first time on 02 December 1929 in a conference on human trafficking and the exploitation of prostitution in the United Nations General Assembly.

Q - 2 Daily Current Affairs

Who has become the first country in the world to digitalize the Hajj process?  

a.  Japan 
b.  China 
c.  Myanmar 
d.  India 

Notes:-  Recently Union Minister for Minority Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi signed a bilateral agreement with Saudi Arabia for Haj 2020.  Now two lakh Haj pilgrims going from India to Makkah - Medina next year applying, e-visa, Haj portal, Haj mobile app, "e-messiah" health facility, information, "e-luggage tagging" in India  Will be connected to the system.

Q - 3 Daily Current Affairs

Who became the new Controller General of Accounts (CGA) of India? 

 a.  Soma Roy Burman 
b.  Aruna Verma  
c.  Kamla Sinha 
d.  Vidya Devi Roy 

Notes:- She is the 24th CGA (Controller General of Accounts) and the seventh woman to hold this prestigious position.  He succeeds JPS Chawla.

Q - 4 Daily Current Affairs

Who won the title of Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2019?  .  

a.  Lewis Hamilton 
b.  Sebastian Vettel  
C. Max Vappen 
d.  Charles LeClark 

Notes:- Mercedes racer Lewis Hamilton has won the title of Abu Dhabi Grand Prix held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.  - Hamilton has won the 11th of 21 races this year with his career's 84th win.  - Redbull's Max and Penn finished second and Ferrari's Charles LeClerc was third.

Q - 5 Daily Current Affairs

Which country has been made the president of G-20 recently?  

a.  Japan 
b.  India 
C.  Brazil 
d.  Saudi Arabia 

Notes:- The G20 is an international forum for the overnments and central bank governors from 19 countries and the European Union. 
Chairperson: Shinzõ Abe 
Founded: 26 September 1999

✳️ Saudi Arabia has been appointed president of the G-20 countries after Japan.  It is the first Arab country to assume the chairmanship of the G-20 group.  Saudi Arabia will host world leaders at its G-20 conference in its capital Riyadh on 21 and 22 November next year, after being chaired by Japan.

Q - 6 Daily Current Affairs

"MITRA SHAKTI" is a joint exercise of which countries?  

a.  India and Japan 
b.  India and Sri Lanka 
c.  India, Japan and America 
d.  India, Bangladesh and Myanmar 

Notes:- The seventh edition of the "Mitra Shakti" joint exercise aimed at increasing interoperability between the Indian and Sri Lankan forces has begun at the Aundh military station in Pune.

Q - 7 Daily Current Affairs

Who is the Union Minister of State for Human Resource Development of India?  

a.  Sanjay Dhotre 
b.  Rajnath Singh 
c.  Umashankar Desai 
d.  Giriraj Singh 

Notes:- Recently he inaugurated the Indian Pavilion at the ongoing International Book Fair in Guadalajara, Mexico.  India has been included as a guest of honor in this book fair, with which India has become the first country in Asia to be included as a guest of honor in this fair.  - This Spanish speaking fair is the largest book fair in the world.

Q - 8 Daily Current Affairs

Adel Abdul Mahdi was the Prime Minister of which country who has recently resigned from his post?  

a.  Iraq 
b.  Iran 
c.  Afghanistan 
d.  Azerbaijan 

Notes:- Iraq (Iraq) 
Capital: Baghdad 
Currency: Iraqidinar 
President: Barham Salih 
Population: 3.  83 crores (2017) World Bank

Q - 9 Daily Current Affairs

Which program has been launched by the government to save children from routine immunization from life-threatening diseases?  

a.  Mission Survival 2.  0 
b.  Mission Indradhanush 2.  0 
C.  Mission Ayush 2.  0 
d.  Mission Harmony 2. 0

Notes:- Under this mission, which runs from 02 December 2019 to 02 March 2020, 272 districts of 27 states will be covered.  The flagship scheme of the government aims to immunize children below 2 years of age and protect pregnant women from preventable diseases.

Q - 10 Daily Current Affairs

'Surya-Kiran' is a military exercise between India and which country?  

a.  China 
b.  Nepal 
c.  Pakistan 
d.  Bangladesh 

Notes:- The purpose of this exercise is to conduct battalion level joint training between the armies of both India and Nepal.  This will increase inter-operability in the areas of anti-terrorism operations, humanitarian aid and disaster relief, medical, environmental protection and aviation in forest and hilly areas.