Daily Current Affairs GK 25th November 2019 for RRB NTPC, Group D, SSC CGL, SBI, IBPS, NVS, Police, UPSC


Daily Current Affairs GK 25th November 2019 for RRB NTPC, Group D, SSC CGL, SBI, IBPS, NVS, Police, UPSC

Q - 1 Daily Current Affairs

Where was the 'Global Bio - India Summit 2019' held?  

a.  New Delhi 
b.  Mumbai 
c.  Pune 
d.  Bengaluru 

Date - 21 to 23 November, 2019 

Notes:- organized by the Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC) and Ministry of Science and Technology.  It was inaugurated by Union Minister of Science and Technology and Health and Family Welfare, Dr.  Harshvardhan did.

Objective of this event 

i.  Stakeholders from 30 countries were to be mobilized.  
ii.  To identify opportunities for cooperation and funding in research and development in the field of biotechnology. 
III.  Attracting large biotechnology projects from international companies.  
IV.  Bio-agriculture, bio-energy, bio-industrial, bio-manufacturing, bio-service etc. were to discuss the sub-sector.  
v.  It was attended by 200 exhibitors and more than 250 startups.

Q - 2 Daily Current Affairs

Which Foundation Day was celebrated by NCC in the year 2019?  

a.  65th
b.  70th 
c.  71th
d.  73th

Notes:- National Cadet Corps Motto: Integration and Discipline;  Unity and discipline 
Director General: Lt Gen Rajeev Chopra 
established: 16 April 1948 
Headquarters location: New Delhi

✳️ National Cadet Corps (NCC) is the Indian Military Cadet Corps, headquartered in New Delhi.  • Its motto is "unity and discipline".  Ncc was established on 16 April 1948 but its foundation day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of November.

Q - 3 Daily Current Affairs

Recently at which place was the naval exercise called Zair-al-Baar (Roar of the Sea) organized between India and Qatar?  

a.  Doha 
b.  Calicut 
C.  Bay of Bengal 
d.  Mumbai Date 

Notes:- 17 November to 21 November, 2019 
Qatar Capital - Doha 
Official Languages ​​Arabic 
Religion Islam  
Prime Minister Abdullah bin Nasser

✳️  This was the first edition of this exercise.  The purpose of this exercise is to promote interoperability between the navies of the two countries.  - Missile stealth frigate INS Trikand and Petrol Aircraft P8 - 1 participated from India in this exercise.

Q - 4 Daily Current Affairs

Recently, Google CEO Sundar Pichai unveiled the world's first-ever 'Google for Startups' campus in the Shibuya area of ​​Tokyo, Japan?  

a.  Seventh 
b.  Eighth 
c.  Ninth 
d.  Tenth

Q - 5 Daily Current Affairs

In which district of Maharashtra is the Jaikwadi dam recently been in the news?  

a.  Nagpur 
b.  Pune 
c.  Nashik 
d.  Aurangabad 

Notes:- Jaikwadi Dam Maharashtra's Ostapapasnapati 14 This dam has been in the news recently, various devices like seismometers, piezometers, slope meters etc. installed in this dam have stopped working.  The given heater stays in the slopes,

Q - 6 Daily Current Affairs

When is National Epilepsy Day celebrated?  

a.  12 November 
b.  15 November 
c.  17 November 
d.  21 November

Notes:- National epilepsy / epilepsy day in India is celebrated every year on 17 November to create awareness about epilepsy.  Epilepsy is a chronic disease of the brain, which is characterized by equivalent seizures or seizures.

The following symptoms of epilepsy can occur: → 
1.  Sudden wobble / fluttering (uncontrolled jerking of hands and feet).  
2 .  Fainting.  
3.  Feeling of sensation (feeling of pin or needle pricking) in hands or feet.  
4.  Tightness in the muscles of hands and feet or face.

Causes of epilepsy: → 
1.  Brain damage such as prenatal and perinatal injuries.  
II.  Congenital abnormality.  
III.  Brain infection.  
IV.  Stroke and brain tumor.  
v.  Head injury  
VI.  Suffering from prolonged high fever during childhood.

Q - 7  Daily Current Affairs

Which company has recently launched 60 Starlink satellites for cheap global internet?  

a.  Space x 
b.  NASA 
c.  Jaxa 
d.  None of them 

Notes:- Spacex ( स्पेसएक्स ) Aerospace company 
Founder : Elon Musk 
Founded : 6 May 2002 
CEO : Elon Musk
Headquarters : California , United States

✳️ Space X has sent these 60 satellites into space through Falcon rockets.  These small satellites with compact flat panels weigh just 260 kg.  

✳️ By the way, 60 satellites have been sent earlier in May this year.  

✳️ In order to reach internet to populated areas around the world, satellites will be sent into space by Space X 24 times.

Q - 8 Daily Current Affairs

Which state has recently launched 'Grassroot Olympic - Mission Talent Hunt' program?  

a.  Bihar 
b.  Assam 
c.  Odisha 
d.  Kerala .  

Notes:- Assam 
Capital: Dispur 
Literacy (2011): 72.  19% 
sex ratio (2011): 958♀/1000♂
Chief Minister: Sarbananda Sonowal 
Governor - Jagdish Mukhi

✳️ The Assam Olympic Association recently launched the 'Grassroots Olympic - Mission Talent Hunt' program.  The aim is to discover talent in the state and prepare them for the Olympics.  

NOTE - Sarbananda Sonowal is the President of the Assam Olympic Association.

Q - 9 Daily Current Affairs

Who is the author of the book "The Daughter from a Wishing Tree Unusual Tales about Women in Mythology? 

A. Pushp Gupta 
b. Lakshmi Aryan 
c. Nirmala Sitharaman 
d. Sudha Murthy 

Notes:- The Daughter from a Wishing Tree Unusual Tales about women in |  The book "Mythology" is composed by Infosys Foundation Chairperson Sudha Murthy.

Q - 10 Daily Current Affairs

Recently which state government has decided to create a foreign cooperation department? 

 a.  Maharashtra
 b.  Bihar 
c.  Rajasthan 
d.  Haryana 

Notes:- Government of Haryana has decided to create Department of Foreign Cooperation.  It aims to manage foreign cooperation in the fields of investment, employment, education, skill development.