Daily Current Affairs GK 19th November 2019 for RRB NTPC, Group D, SSC CGL, SBI, IBPS, NVS, Police, UPSC


Daily Current Affairs GK 19th November 2019 for RRB NTPC, Group D, SSC CGL, SBI, IBPS, NVS, Police, UPSC

Q - 1 Daily Current Affairs

Who has been elected the new President of Sri Lanka recently?  

a.  Premadasa 
b.  Mahinda Rajapaksa 
c.  Gotbaaya Rajapaksa 
d.  Arvind DeSilva 

Notes:- got 52 percent of the votes in the recent presidential election.  He defeated his nearest rival Sajit Premadasa.

Q - 2 Daily Current Affairs

Recently the Defense Minister Rajnath Singh inaugurated the Siseri River Bridge in Lower Dibang Valley of which state?  

a.  Arunachal Pradesh 
b.  Uttar Pradesh 
c.  Himachal Pradesh 
d.  Andhra Pradesh 

Notes:- Arunachal Pradesh ( अरुणाचल प्रदेश ) 
Capital : Itanagar 
Chief minister : Pema Khandu 
Governor - B . D . Mishra

✳️Siseri River Bridge is a 200 meter long bridge between Jonai Pasighat - Ranaghat - Roaring Road.  This river bridge will provide better connectivity between Siang and Dibang Valley.  

✳️ The construction of this bridge will save about five hours of travel time from Pasighat to Roing.  This bridge has been constructed under the Border Roads Organization project Brahmank.

Q - 3 Daily Current Affairs

Recently on which date was the 19th Foundation Day of the state of Jharkhand and Birsa Munda Jayanti celebrated?  

a.  On 10 November 2019 
b.  On 12 November 2019 
c.  on 15 November 2019  
D. On 18 November 2019 

Notes:- On 15 November 2000, Jharkhand was established as the 28th state of the Union of India by cutting the southern part of Bihar. 

✳️ Its area includes the Chota Nagpur Plateau and the Santhal Parganas forest area.  

✳️ On its east are the states of West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh in the west, Bihar in the north and Odisha in the south.

About Birsa Munda: - 

✳️ Birsa was born into a Munda family on 15 November.  

✳️ Munda is a tribal group living in Chota Nagpur.  Birsa believed that he was sent by God for the good of the people and to take away their sorrows, so they considered themselves to be God, they were also called Jagat Father (Earth Aba).  

✳️ The Munda Rebellion of 1899-1900 under the leadership of Birsa Munda was the most popular rebellion in the area of ​​Chota Nagpur (Jharkhand).  The revolt started due to the change in the traditional system of the Munda tribe to the zamindari system of Khutkati.  .  

✳️ The role of women was also notable in this rebellion.  In February 1900 Birsa Munda was arrested at Singhbhum and put in Ranchi Jail where he died in June 1900.

Q - 4 Daily Current Affairs

In which state Brahmaputra Pushkaram Festival was organized recently?  

a.  Assam 
b.  Bihar 
c.  Meghalaya 
d. Arunachal Pradesh 

 Notes :- The 12-day river festival 'Brahmaputra Pushkaram Utsav' (Brahmaputra Pushkaram Festival) was organized from November 5 to 16 in the state of , Assam.

Q - 5 Daily Current Affairs

According to the World Oil Outlook - 2019, released by OPEC, by which year the production of crude oil and other liquids 32 per day.  Is there a possibility of a shortfall of 8 million barrels? 

 a.  By 2000 
b.  By 2001 
c.  By 2023
d.  By 2024

Notes:- the OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) is a permanent, intergovernmental organization of 14 oil exporting developing nations.  
Headquarters: Vienna, Austria
 founded: September 1960, Baghdad, Iraq

Q - 6 Daily Current Affairs

Which Indian women boxer has recently been elected as a member of the first Athletes Commission of the International Boxing Association?  

a.  Sarita Devi 
b.  Mary Kom 
c.  Joshanna Vagapati 
d.  Annie Narayan 

Notes:- veteran Indian boxer L Sarita Devi international in uncontested manner.  Elected as a member of the first Athletes Commission of the Boxing Federation (AIBA).  

✳️ In this commission, one female and one male boxer have been selected from five regional associations (Asia, Oceania, Europe, USA and Europe).

Q - 7 Daily Current Affairs

Which senior journalist has resigned as the President of the Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA)?  

a.  Ravish Kumar 
b.  Sudhir Chaudhary 
c.  Rajat Sharma 
d.  Mahendra Ved 

Notes:- veteran journalist Rajat Sharma was elected the chairman of DDCA in July 2018.  

✳️ Rajat Sharma had proposed to change the name of Delhi's Ferozeshah Kotla to Arun Jaitley Stadium as the chairman, which was approved.

Q - 8 Daily Current Affairs

Who won the Panasonic Golf Open title?  

a.  Kim juhyung 
b.  Shiv Kapoor 
c.  s .  Chikkarangappa 
d.  Pankaj Sharma

Notes: - Kim Joohyung of South Korea has won the Panasonic Open held at Classic Golf & Country Club in Gurugram, India.  

✳️ Shiva Kapoor and S.K.  Chikkarangappa jointly placed second.

Q - 9 Daily Current Affairs

Recently the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) has officially changed its name to what new name?  

a.  My Athletics International 
b.  International International of Athletics  
C.  World athletics 
d.  None of these 

Notes:- The IAAF was founded in 1912 as the International Amateur Athletic Federation and was renamed in 2001 to the "International Association of Athletics Federations".

Q - 10 Daily Current Affairs

Recently David Villa announced his retirement from football, he was the footballer of which country?  

a.  Japan 
b.  India 
C.  Brazil 
d.  Spain 

Notes:- His achievements include Barcelona, ​​the Champions League title, as well as two LA League wins and the World Club medal.