CBSE Board Practical Exam Dates Announced. Details Here


CBSE Board Practical Exam Dates Announced. Details Here

New Delhi:

  The Central Board of Secondary Education or CBSE, a national-level school education institution that conducts secondary and higher secondary certificate examinations, said the practicals would be held in the respective schools from January 1 to February 7 next year.  The board also said that after the practice of 2019, theory papers of skill subjects can start from 15 February.  CBSE Board Class 10 and Class 12 main question papers are expected to be held in March and April.

In a circular addressed to the principals and heads of all schools affiliated to the board regarding conduct of practical examinations and project or internal assessment, CBSE has asked schools to take certain measures to ensure that "before the examination"  And in the letter practical examination should be conducted and the soul ”.

  "Schools will conduct practical examinations and project evaluations from January 1, 2020 to February 7, 2020," it said.

The board also asked the schools to upload the marks on the link given soon after the assessment is over.

  "While uploading marks, the schools will ensure that correct marks are uploaded as there will be no improvement in marks after uploading the marks. Schools also take into consideration the maximum marks allotted for practical / project while awarding / uploading marks.  Should keep in, "it said.

It added, "The practical examination and project will be evaluated in the respective schools ... There will be an external examiner as well as an internal examiner, as per previous practice," it said.

  The circular also asked schools to ensure that practical exams are conducted only by external examiners appointed by the CBSE.

The circular said, "A supervisor will also be appointed by the board who will oversee the conduct of practical examination and project evaluation."

  CBSE will provide an app link to schools to upload a group photo of each batch during the practical examination.

"Group photos should include all candidates from that batch, external examiners, internal examiners and observers. All faces must be clearly visible in the photograph. Photographs must be taken in the laboratory where the practical examination is taking place and also in the laboratory  Must be seen. Clearly in the picture, "it said.

  "Some other information like batch number, total batch, date and time etc. will also have to be uploaded on the link. The software will ensure that the uploaded image is geotagged and time tagged," the circular said.