14 November 2019 Daily Current Affairs MCQ | UPSC PCS,SSC, BANK,RAILWAY, POLICE , NVS #Trendin


14 November 2019 Daily Current Affairs MCQ | UPSC PCS,SSC, BANK,RAILWAY, POLICE , NVS #Trending

प्रश्न - 1 Daily Current Affairs

Which date is celebrated as World Kindness Day (World Kindness Day)?  

a.  10 November 
B.  11 November 
c.  12 November 
d.  13 November 

Notes:- THEME - Empathy, encouraging people across the globe to better _ _ _ understand "the pains of others" and touch their lives "positively".

This day was first celebrated in 1998.

प्रश्न - 2 Daily Current Affairs

When is World Pneumonia Day celebrated?  

a.  10 November 
b.  11 November 
c.  12 November 
d. 13 November 

 Notes:- The topic of 2019 - "Healthy lungs for all

✳️ pneumonia is an infectious disease that causes infection in one or both lungs.  This disease can be serious and fatal.

प्रश्न - 3 Daily Current Affairs

Recently in which state the President's Shashan was implemented for the third time?  

a.  Uttar Pradesh 
b.  Bihar 
c.  West Bengal 
d.  Maharashtra 

Notes:- This is the third time in the history of Maharashtra when the state has come under President's rule.  

✳️The state was first under President's rule in the year 1980.  34 years later, for the second time in 2014, President's rule was imposed in Maharashtra.  

✳️ Provisions related to President's rule are given in Article 356 of the Constitution.

प्रश्न - 4 Daily Current Affairs

Recently, the Supreme Court has given a big decision on the disqualified MLAs of which state and also allowed them to contest elections?  

a.  Karnataka 
b.  Maharashtra 
c.  Punjab 
d.  Gujarat 

Notes:- The Supreme Court has justified the disqualification of 17 disqualified MLAs from Karnataka by the Speaker, but the Supreme Court has also given some relief to the MLAs, under which all will be able to contest again.  Now they can participate in the by-elections in 15 assembly seats on 5 December.

प्रश्न - 5 Daily Current Affairs

Which country has become the first South Asian country to bring match-fixing cases in the category of crime 

a.  Sri Lanka 
b.  Pakistan 
c.  Bangladesh 
d.  India

Notes:- Recently the Parliament of Sri Lanka passed a bill related to the 'Prevention of Sports-related Crimes'.  After the passing of this bill, match fixing in Sri Lanka will be considered as an offense.  

✳️ This new law related to match fixing and corruption will apply to every game.

प्रश्न - 6 Daily Current Affairs

Recently SBI estimated India's GDP growth rate for 2019-206.  What percentage has been reduced from 1%?  
a.  5.  5% 
b.  5.  8% 
c.  5% 
d.  5.  2% 

Notes:- Chairman of SBI: Rajneesh Kumar.  
Established: 1 July 1955 
Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra

प्रश्न - 7 Daily Current Affairs

Recently in which lake of Rajasthan, more than 1,000 migratory birds of different species were found dead?  

a.  Nakki Lake 
b.  Lake Pichola 
c.  Fateh Sagar Lake 
d.  Sambhar Lake 

Notes:- Sambhar Lake 
1.  Situated near Jaipur city in the Indian state of Rajasthan, it is a lake of Lala Jal (brackish water).   2.This lake is located at an altitude of 1,200 feet above sea level.

✳️ More than 1,000 migratory birds were recently found dead in Sambhar Lake, near Jaipur.  The exact cause of death of these birds of about 25 species from different countries is not yet known.  - 

✳️ Among the birds that die are migratory birds coming from many countries including Himalayas, Siberia, North Asia.

प्रश्न - 8 Daily Current Affairs

Recently which former President of Bolivia has given asylum in his country?  

a.  Jeanine Anise 
b.  Marcelo Eberard 
C.  Alvaro Garcia 
d.  Ivo Morales 

Notes:- Ivo Morales resigned amid mounting pressure from the military and the public following allegations of disturbances in the election results.  

✳️ Significantly, he remained in power for 13 years and nine months, which is the largest term in the history of the country.  

✳️ He did important things like paving the roads, sending Bolivia's first satellite into space and curbing inflation.

प्रश्न - 9 Daily Current Affairs

Which player won the gold medal in the javelin throw competition at the recent World Para-Athletics Championships?  

a.  Ajit Pal Singh 
b.  Sunder Singh Gurjar 
c.  Arjun Singh Malik
d.  Devendra Verma

Notes:-  Indian player Sundar Singh Gurjar, 61 in the recent World Para-Athletics Championships.  Won Gold Medal with a throw of 22 meters.

प्रश्न - 10 Daily Current Affairs

Which Union Minister was recently given the additional charge of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises?  

a.  Prakash Javadekar
b.  Harsimrat Kaur Badal 
c.  Dharmendra Pradhan 
d.  Harsh Vardha

Notes:- Union Cabinet Minister Prakash Javadekar has been given additional charge of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises.  

✳️ He is currently holding the charge of Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change.  - He has been given this assignment due to resignation of his post by Arvind Sawant.

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