((NOTICE WRITE)) How to complete Notice question in cbse board exam notice format



notice format

A notice is a medium to convey a message to masses together at the same time. 

Where Used: School, organisations, government boards 

Why Used to inform people about various events, issue and public instruction. 

Distribution of Marks 

Format :  Name of the Institution,. Notice, Title, Date, Writer's Name with designation.             (1 Marks) 

Contact: What, when, where, who, how, contact.             (2 Marks)

Expression: Overall organisation, accuracy, fluency             (1 Mark) 

Points to Remember 

✳️Begin with Name of the issuing authority Institution Organisation School/Society. 

✳️Write NOTICE-Like this. 

✳️Then date on the left hand side. 

✳️Mention Purpose of notice and details of the event (date, time, venue, duration, programme). 

✳️Process and Chief Guest if any. 

✳️Other details/relevant instructions. 

✳️Name and designation of the person issuing the notice. 

✳️Notice About School Activities or Events. 

✳️Notice About School Activities or Events. 

✳️Write in a box.

✳️ Word limit 50.



Name of Issuing Authority / School /Organisation 
Date: ..................
Main Body of the Notice / Content  
(i) Event
(v)Chief Guest (if any). 
Name Designation:

Example: You are Rachit Rachna, Incharge of Cultural Club of New Public School, Delhi. Draft a notice for your school notice, board inviting students to participate in the inter house dance competition which is going to be organised in your school .

New Public School, Delhi 
Inter House Dance Competition 
25th May 2018 

All the students are hereby informed that an inter house dance competition is going to be organised in our school on 15 June 2018 at 10 am in the school auditorium. The winners will be selected for zonal level. Interested students may send their names to the undersigned for participation latest by 05 June 2018. 

Rachit/Rachna Incharge, 
Cultural Club

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